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Michael Strahan (left) and Gay Talese
Michael Strahan (left) and Gay Talese

Only a handful of noteworthy football players can say they won a Super Bowl championship as their last game; the legendary Michael Strahan is one of them. Even fewer athletes have built such a demanding second career in the public eye. Few would even want to after years of bone-crushing collisions on the field.

But not for Strahan. Today he is working harder than ever to build an expansive media empire. The celebrated Hall of Famer and Giants Super Bowl champ has gone on to a second career in the limelight as a television personality, hosting gigs on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” and Good Morning America, and working as a FOX NFL Sunday analyst. Strahan talked to Luxury Listings NYC about some of the newest ventures he is adding to his schedule, including his upcoming hosting gig on “$100,000 Pyramid.” While he misses the game (be sure to read his description of the perfect sack) he doesn’t miss feeling sore on Monday morning.

Speaking of sore, we were a bit under the weather after trying to keep up with celebrated non-fiction writer Gay Talese at a dinner party. The octogenarian author is enjoying a new burst of renown thanks to the 50th anniversary of his pioneering profile of Frank Sinatra. We were also invited back to his townhouse to check out his meticulous notes and paraphernalia from a lifetime spent interviewing notable personalities. He’s known for being a dapper dresser — and we have the charming photos to prove it.

We also went out on the town with Domingo Zapata, the “bad boy” artist who is being sued for allegedly “trashing” the Gramercy Park townhouse he was renting (he may have mistaken the walls for canvases) and our night out with him was pretty colorful too.

If you prefer to get your entertainment at home in high definition, then you are in luck: we bring you the latest in private screening rooms, including the new home version of the IMAX system. And for those of you who can’t get enough about luxury homes (that’s all of you), we look at the sprawling layouts and knockout amenities at the top condos on the market in newly constructed buildings.

Also in this issue, we bring you news from 10 different neighborhoods in Manhattan. In Chelsea, we went shopping at Barneys’ new Downtown location, just around the corner from its original location, and found an exciting focus on fashion, not just trendy “it” pieces. On the Upper West Side, we consider what Per Se’s recent two-star review actually means for the illustrious restaurant and formal luxury dining in general. In the Meatpacking District, we explore a neighborhood in transition, thanks in part to the “Whitney effect.” And finally, with the calendar inching closer to spring, our thoughts turn to the Hamptons and golfing: We bring you both with a bunch of listings that are on or near private greens.

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