Apartments for college students now have pools and saunas

Living situations in college are not supposed to be luxurious; they’re supposed to be subpar enough to motivate you to graduate and find a well-paying job. 

And yet, many college students today living off-campus are more likely to be swimming in a pool and relaxing in a hot tub than they are cramming for their chemistry exam in a dank library. Bloomberg analyzed 94 off-campus complexes and found that 80 percent of residents of off-campus housing had access to a pool; 55 percent had access to an on-site tanning salon; and 45 percent had access to volleyball courts. A significant number of these residences also had outdoor grills, fitness centers, fire pits, saunas and hot tubs. 

Meanwhile, only 38 percent had study rooms. Erm. 

According to Bloomberg, the reason behind these slightly absurd amenities is that developers are starting to see off-campus housing as a relatively recession-proof investment.

These college students are presumably taking out student loans to pay for their fancy housing, and there’s nothing risky about that at all is there?