You can now own the oldest (and grandest) winery in France

Château Goulaine, the oldest winery in France and possibly in the world – has been put up for sale. According to the listing, the impressive Loire Valley castle – which hosted the likes of Henri IV and Louis XIV – was built between 1480 to 1520 and it was extended in 1630. The medieval fortress the current building was built on is 1,000 years old, as are the original vaulted cellars.

The château is just 240 miles – or a four hour drive – from Paris and 10 miles away from the city of Nantes. According to Wine Folly, Goulaine produces some Loire Valley white wines including Muscadet and Folle Blanche.

The 20-room building sits on 16 acres of grounds that feature multiple formal gardens as well as a museum and an aviary with butterflies and tropical plants. While its price is currently unlisted it’s safe to assume it’ll be cheaper than some of these New York City listings.