Here’s what you get when you spend $5k to watch golf


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As if golf wasn’t enough of a rich man’s sport, the PGA Tour’s Players Championship this year has added a new extra-special, exclusive ticket option. Called the Player’s Club, the ticket provides wealthier fans access to the clubhouse, where the best golfers and their families like to hang out during off-hours; custom clothing fittings; a $500 shopping spree in the golf store to buy lots of ugly polos; unlimited food and drinks; valet parking; concierge service; and a special suite to watch the game from. Bartenders will know your favorite drink to have it on hand for you, and you will receive a special tablet from which to watch the game wherever you may find yourself during the day. 

The price of this lavishness? $5,000. To put that in perspective, an “entry-level” ticket costs $140. Clearly, this is not for the average joe, but a “demographic that frankly will only attend a sporting and entertainment event if they can do it in an over-the-top, white glove, everything’s included, spectacular sort of way,” claims the executive director. 

And he’s not wrong; according to Forbes, 200 of the tickets have already been snatched up.