Lamborghini queens: Grandmothers “tear rubber” in hilarious new video


Classic and collectable cars are setting new records and are even seeing gains over the absolutely insane art market. And when it comes to pricey cars, everyone loves a Lambo – the elderly included.

The folks behind the YouTube channel, Donut Media, gave two completely adorable grannies, Audrey and Peggy, the keys to a Lamborghini Murcielago – and they completely owned the mean streets of southern California.

The video starts with them nearly crashing into the garage. “It’s smarter than we are,” they chuckle once they figure out how to shift into reverse.

“Oh Audrey, this is going to be a heck of a day!” Peggy giggles. “Maybe they’d put us in the Rose Parade,” she adds.

The grannies then swing by the grocery store, where they park in the handicapped spot. Once they finish shopping, they can’t find the trunk or figure out where to put their groceries. “It’s not a trunk,” Audrey says with astonishment when she lifts the back of the car open. “That’s the horses!” Check out the video below: