These trendy people on the High Line teach us what to wear in this confusing spring weather

It’s warm! And 70 degrees! And everyone — everyone! — who possibly can is going outside to enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, this warmish/not hot weather is not easy to dress for, and many people end up looking a tad — erm — awkward (think: pasty legs in jorts with leather jackets). Thankfully, the more fashionable set who live/work around the High Line are out in full-force today and we scanned their Instagram accounts to guide us in our eternal quest to dress ourselves appropriately. 


А это я со своей главной звездой?

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#vsco #vscocam #nyc

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“It’s the curse of the modern condition” #day3

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Up to something..

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Yeah, yeah I’m finally employed. Can I eat my spinach and gruyere croissant now?

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