You can now listen to Bieber on custom-fitted $1,600 golden headphones

You know when you’re jamming out to the latest indie toons (or Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” for the millionth time #noapologies), and then, out of no where, some sound from the outside world creeps in and ruins your flow? Ugh! 

Well never fear, because these “in-ear monitors” from the audio company Noble can be custom-fitted for your ear canals, blocking out any and all unfortunate noises from the larger world. According to InsideHook, which recently tested out the service, this process involves taking a mold of your ear canal, and then asking questions about your favorite music, sports teams and colors. This helps Noble develop a finalized design just for you. They make the earphones out of everything from snakewood to 24K gold. 

According to their website, the most expensive of these headphones costs $1,599 (rush orders are an extra $400). 

Still, you should wear these at your own risk; just because you can’t hear the bike messenger zooming down the street just as you’re about to cross it, doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist!