It’s pretty but is it art?: Brown’s Hotel expands its famed Kipling Suite

Brown’s Hotel in London has a treat for literature-inclined lords and ladies: their famed Kipling Suite has been expanded and reopened.

Hotel designer Olga Polizzi gave the room where Rudyard Kipling is said to have written “The Jungle Book” a stunning makeover (The Kipling Society claims that he wrote “The Jungle Book” in Vermont, where the house he built, Naulakha, rents for $390 a night.).

Polizzi gave the four room suite a subtle jungle theme according to the Telegraph. The room features a white resin monkey and a stylised ebonite statuette of an elephant in the sitting room. The bedroom is thankfully animal free, although suggestive of India.

The bespoke furniture was all made by Battersea furniture maker Julian Chichester and the antique plaster scallop-shell light fittings in the marble bathroom is from Porta Romana. Polizzi also added mid-century pieces, like the huge glass pendants and 1940s alabaster pendant lights.

Naturally, none of this comes cheap. This one starts at £6,210 ($8,800) a night.