Swedish Ikea billionaire Ingvar Kamprad buys all his clothes in flea markets

Most people shop in Ikea to save money, and it turns out that even the founder of Ikea –Swedish billionaire Ingvar Kamprad — is concerned about saving a couple of dollars! 

In a new documentary that was broadcasted on Swedish television, Kamprad admits that he shops almost exclusively in secondhand shops and flea markets. “I don’t think I’m wearing anything that wasn’t bought at a flea market. It means that I want to set a good example,” he said.

Maybe he should set a good example by paying his taxes! According to recent Swedish media reports, Kamprad might be worth 610 billion kronor (about $91 billion). Kamprad’s net worth is difficult to determine, however, because he has given a lot of it to his children and moved a considerable amount to Liechtenstein, which is a famous tax haven. 

His money is not the only thing that Kamprad exports; he famously told a Swedish newspaper in 2008 that his recent €22 haircut in the Netherlands was over his hair budget. “Normally, I try to get my haircut when I’m in a developing country. Last time it was in Vietnam.”