Billionaires gather for super important meeting to bring pandas to NYC


On Wednesday morning, Representative Carolyn Maloney of New York and billionaire and former AIG chairman Maurice R. Greenberg hosted a breakfast for their powerful billionaire friends (including John Catsimatidis) to discuss what is perhaps the most pressing political issue of our day: bringing a pair of pandas to New York City. 

This is Maloney’s favorite pet project (teehee), and in February, the Times covered the many obstacles she has faced in completing her quest. First, it costs tens of millions of dollars to lease pandas from China and to find a suitable habitat to house them.  

Second, Mayor De Blasio was not cooperating, prompting Maloney to say on WNYM-AM that the mayor clearly “doesn’t like pandas.” BURN! 

Not wanting to be labeled a panda hater, De Blasio begrudgingly told Maloney that she could bring the pandas here if she figured out a way to privately fund the project, estimated to cost around $50 million

Thankfully, there are a whole lot of billionaires in New York City and they see no problem spending money on such causes. Because honestly, if America is going to compete with Canada and Justin Trudeau, who welcomed two baby pandas this week in his foxy, fine arms, then we need as many panda babies as we possibly can have. 

So come on, billionaires, make New York City great again!