Luxury travel bed makes European gallivants comfy


Sometimes the best traveling is done where there isn’t a Ritz or Four Seasons hotel in sight. But that doesn’t mean you have to rough it. Luxury travel beds are making bohemian treks far more comfortable.

One solution is the “E-Z Throw” travel bed, which creators Amy Myers and Debbie Mingrino recently gave me the chance to review. I tried out the deluxe size “Zig Zag print White & Navy Cotton E-Z Throw” in our office and at home and it definitely improved my ability to lounge almost anywhere.

The bed comes in a variety of colorful patterns and sizes, and rolls up for transport with built in ties – it retails for $375 and is made in the U.S. It also comes with a little pillow that is especially comfortable.


Lying on it made me wish that I had one of these the last time I trekked through Andalucía.

A potential downside is that you might not want to use it on top of rocky or rough surfaces, because you can feel what is under you. But, then again, you probably shouldn’t be sleeping in rocky areas in the first place.

Second, the deluxe size (which is really the best one for travel I would think since it is a proper bed) is a little bulky. I had a really tough time carrying it home on the subway, which is disappointing because I would imagine it would also be great for a relaxing day on the lawn in Central Park. However, it shouldn’t be too much trouble strapped to the back of a bicycle, or stuffed into the boot of your vintage convertible.

Overall, E-Z Throw is a solid improvement on the sleeping mats so many adventures put up with.