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Hedge fund manager Steven Cohen still can’t sell his apartment

Billionaire hedge fund manager and record-breaking art collector, Steven Cohen still can’t sell his apartment.

And according to Page Six, bad juju is to blame.

A real estate source told Page Six, “There’s so many other better apartments available at that price. Plus, Stevie Cohen’s apartment isn’t exactly a draw in the banking world. Some people think its cursed.”

Cohen bought the four bedroom, 9,000-square-foot duplex at One Beacon Court in 2005 for $24 million. He first listed it for $115 million in 2013, then the price was dropped to $98 million, then $82 million, then $79 million before it was taken off the market altogether last December.

His bad luck also extends to the Hamptons, where he has angered his neighbors after building a gated fence in front of his new branch office.

Plus the Securities and Exchange Commission are still investigating Cohen and his firm, Point72 Asset Management following insider trading convictions.