Luxury parking spots in Tribeca cause condo board kerfuffle

Tiny Parking Spots

After buying your own apartment, the second greatest luxury in New York City is buying a space to park your car. So when sales launched in January 2014 at Reade Chambers, a boutique luxury condominium in Tribeca, 10 private parking spaces that could be purchased separately with the apartments were one of the key amenities the developers, CBSK Development Group (a partnership of SK Development, CB Developers and Ironstate Development), used to attract buyers.

Reade Chambers
Reade Chambers

Now, however, according to a lawsuit filed with the city, the board of managers at Reade Chambers are suing CBSK for $2 million in damages, saying they paid as much as $300,000 per space in a “tiny Garage, including undersized parking spaces and absurdly restricted turning areas, [which] render most of the parking spaces virtually inaccessible.” They claim the spaces are smaller than what is allowed under zoning law, and that “structural columns, pipes and other obstacles” make it even more difficult to maneuver. The building’s architects, Selldorf Architects and Goldstein Hill & West Architects, and engineers, Narov Associates and Glickman Engineering, are also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

The condo board is also angry that the developer is attempting to sell the last space in the garage, which is a handicapped space the board says residents must drive into in order to “execute the painstaking and time consuming maneuvers necessary to navigate a vehicle through the Garage.” A handicapped ramp in the garage, they claim, “blatantly violates applicable code requirements and hampers handicapped access to the Condominium” (rather ironic considering that not selling the handicapped spot would also hamper handicapped access, but anyway…).

Reade Chambers has a total of 18 units, including a penthouse apartment that is currently listed for $7.95 million. In addition to parking, the building also offers a landscaped garden, a roof terrace, fitness center, a children’s room, and a “pet grooming room.”