Gwyneth Paltrow sometimes sprinkles “Sex Dust” in her $200 morning smoothie


Sex dust sounds like something a superstitious wizard would use before his wedding night, but surprisingly (or maybe not-so-surprisingly), it is in fact an ingredient that the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow sometimes sprinkles in her morning smoothie, at least according to a recent recipe posted on Goop called GP’s Morning “Smoothie.” (The quotes are hers).

Other ingredients in the smoothie include almond milk, almond butter, coconut oil, vanilla mushroom protein powder, maca, ashwagandha, ho shou wu, and cordyceps. No, we have no idea what half of those things are either.

To be fair, she only uses the sex dust sometimes, and when you’re not going to be doing “you know” she recommends replacing it with “Action Dust” which can “soothe overworked muscles”; Beauty Dust “for a glowy complexion and healthy hair”; Brain Dust “to combat mental fogginess”; Goodnight Dust “when sleep has been evasive”; and Spirit Dust to “get that extrasensory perception going.”

Did we mention all these dusts cost between $55-$65 each and are all conveniently available to buy on Goop.Com?

In fact, according to calculations done by the Daily Mail, the entire morning smoothie costs more than $200 to make. Of course, that’s the price of all the ingredients together, and obviously, they are investments because you’re totally going to use the sex dust more than once. After all, its “warming elixir is designed to stimulate and cultivate sexual flow in both men and women. Ancient ingredients from ho shou wu to cacao and maca send sensitivity and power to all the right places, supporting primordial energy and vital essence.”

Now that is some sexy dust indeed!