Artist James Turrell sells Gramercy Park apartment for $2M

The artist James Turrell and his wife Kyung-Lim Lee have (finally!) sold an apartment in their Gramercy Park West home for $2.25 million. According to city records, the buyer was Marlin Potash, a psychologist and author.

Turrell listed the home in August 2014 for $2.85 million, took it off the market and re-listed it in November 2015 for $2.3 million. Considering Turrell bought the entire building in 2005 for $2.35 million, though, the wait to sell this apartment was certainly worth it. Perhaps the trouble came because of its rather odd financial configuration; according to the listing, the home is currently owned by an LLC, which functions as a co-op and required an all-cash purchase.

The apartment is a full floor of the building, and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, access to the garden, two fireplaces and — best of all — a key to Gramercy Park.

Turrell is best known for his ongoing work, Roden Crater, which is a volcanic cone in an extinct volcano in Arizona. He purchased the three-mile-wide crater and is in the process of turning it into  “a controlled environment for the experiencing and contemplation of light.”