New condo building will offer stroller valet service

Parking in New York is always a struggle, and for mommies, it can be particularly difficult to park your stroller when it is laden down with bottles, diapers and snacks.

So it’s not exactly a surprise that a new building in Park Slope — the capital of Mommyland — has a special amenity: not just stroller parking, but valet stroller parking.

What does that mean exactly? According to the Times, it means that the building, located at 251 1st Street in Park Slope, will have a giant room to store up to 50 strollers on the lobby. When you’re ready to roll, you can simply call down to the lobby attendant who will prepare your stroller for you to go off and live your life.

“It’s a similar concept as a bike room,” Omri Sachs, a founder of Adam America Real Estate, which is one of the developers of the building told the Times. “Just like how you don’t want to store bikes on balconies, we’d like to help with stroller storage.”