You can now get seasonal cocktails delivered to your home

Ever wonder what mysterious things your bartender is doing behind the counter at your favorite cocktail bar? You can now be that bartender, thanks to a new startup, Shaker & Spoon, which sends you all the tools and the ingredients necessary to make complex and delicious cocktails at home (though the alcohol is not included).

For $40-a-month (or three months for $110), you get sent a box filled with the bitters, syrups, garnishes and citrus fruits to create the cocktail recipes they send you. A different alcohol is featured each month, and the recipes are seasonal. The idea is similar to Blue Apron, in that you get just enough of everything you need, but instead of food, it’s cocktails. Which is just slightly more enjoyable.

We tried Shaker & Spoon and had a lot of fun taste-testing our whiskey cocktails — though we aren’t quite sophisticated enough to make the drinks correctly. Some of the recipes do require you to own certain bartender tools (we did not have a jigger in the office, for instance), but if you’re committed to improving your drink-making skills, it might be worth it for you to invest in those items anyway.

Bottoms up!