Madonna caught “expressing herself” a little too freely, posting illegal parking signs

Reader don’t preach to Madonna, who has landed herself in trouble deep.

According to TMZ, the “Material Girl” posted (or rather, we assume, her people posted) “Tenant Parking Only” signs in front of her Upper East Side home and even imprinted “No Parking” in the cement, with a yellow strip painted on the curb to make it seem extra official. These signs were not authorized by the city, and a suspicious neighbor called the Department of Transportation, which told Madonna’s people that the signs had to be taken down. Apparently when the neighbor confronted a man standing outside Madonna’s pad, his response was “We know the right people.”

This is no ordinary Upper East Side townhouse, either. The 12,000-square-foot complex is the size of three townhouses, and Madonna purchased the entire lot for $32 million in 2009. In addition to having a 3,000-square-foot garden and a menacing fence Madonna installed before moving in, the home comes with a double-car garage.