Big trucks versus big bucks: Inside the Hamptons war over SUVs on the beach

A 4,000-square-foot stretch of beach in Amagansett that is known as “Truck Beach” has become the target of a nasty lawsuit between the blue collars who live in the area and blue bloods who live there, seasonally.

Apparently, it is a tradition for locals of the area (i.e. not affluent summer residents) to drive out onto the beach on Sundays in their trucks and … be truck people. This upsets the wealthier residents of the area, who have taken their complaints to court, citing “careening vehicles, overcrowding, and public urination and defecation” as reasons for why they’re trying to ban the trucks, according to the Post. They say the trucks are dangerous and could run over children on the beach.

“Just get it away from our kids,” said Cindi Crain, a board member of Crain Communications who owns a home in the area, told the Post. “It’s really unsafe. It’s really unsanitary. There are other places they can do this, less inhabited areas.” Less inhabited with rich people, we assume.

Residents, no surprise, don’t buy that argument. “These are people who have been here for generations,” said one. “We go with our children. It’s an insult to suggest that we are exposing them to danger.”

Crain insists, however, that she is not opposed to the truck people on the beach, just the trucks themselves. “Listen, no one is trying to keep people off of these beaches,” she said. “We want to share the beach. We just want the trucks and SUVs off. I pay the same share of taxes as the guy driving on the beach.”