The future is here: A new pair of yoga pants will vibrate when you do your pose wrong


You know when you’re in yoga class and it’s super crowded so the teacher can’t come over and correct your misaligned downward dog (here’s looking at you exhale Central Park South)? Well what if your pants — sorry, your leggings — became that teacher?

That’s right, wearable tech has moved into the athleisure space. A marriage that seems so natural, we’re honestly shocked it’s taken this long. Nadi leggings are the brainchild of the Australian tech company, Wearable Experiments, and they are designed to send “haptic vibrations” to your skin when you are doing a pose wrong. Somehow, they interact with your phone to explain to you exactly where you went wrong.

Ignoring the somewhat obvious sexual implications of such a product (not to mention the painful ones — what happens if they ever malfunction? Can you take them off if they start vibrating out-of-control?!?!), it does seem a bit counterintuitive that you need an app to make a yoga product work. Isn’t the whole point of doing yoga that you disconnect from technology for a lousy hour? Do we really need to turn our bodies into extensions of our iPhones? Or, as Wearable Experiments puts it, allow our “skin to become the interface”?

We’ll keep our crooked form, thank you very much.