Bill Koch shows off his wine bathroom to promote the sale of his $15M wine collection

Someone’s been reading Marie Kondo! After discounting his massive Aspen estate to a mere $88 million, Bill Koch is at it again, ridding himself of 20,000 bottles of wine from his enormous wine collection, which has taken him four decades to collect. Sotheby’s estimates the sale is worth $10-$15 million.

The reason for the sale? According to a press release, Koch is confronting the reality of his mortality. “With around 43,000 bottles, I could not possibly consume everything in my cellar so I am delighted to offer this selection to allow collectors all over the world to enjoy the glorious moments that come with these wines.”

Among the highlights of the sale are ten bottles of 1945 Mouton Rothschild, which Sotheby’s estimates will go for $80,000-$120,000 each. That’s gonna be a very, very nice dinner party.

Koch let Sotheby’s into his wine cellar for a private tour, showing off some of his older wines including a Lafite from 1844 (no word on whether that one is part of the sale, he seems quite attached to it). He also has a statue of “either Bacchus or Dionysus” –they’re basically the same thing! — and most mysteriously, a room he calls his wine bathroom. One wall in the bathroom is made from illuminated wine bottles that Koch and his friends have presumably enjoyed, and the others are printed with labels, while the ceiling is lined with corks. The standout though? A picture of a sexy cartoon lady whom Koch calls his “wine mistress,” though he admits that he has “yet to find her.”

Bill, we think it’s good you’re shedding these bottles; something tells us you may like wine a little too much.