Christian Louboutin launches flats that come in seven shades of nude

The color nude has always been a rather controversial one in fashion. Namely because — with few exceptions — it is a peachy pink color that is really only the nude of a peachy pink (white) person.

So it’s no wonder the internet was so excited today when Christian Louboutin announced his new Solasofia Flats, which come in nudes — of all shades. That’s right, the shoe, which is now available to pre-order, has been “designed to meticulously match your skin tone” no matter what tone that is. Two other styles of shoe –the Pigalle Follies 100 and the Senora 100 — will also now come in seven shades of nudes. And yes, of course, all of them will keep the brand’s signature red-bottomed soles.

The good news is that now people of all races can get the über-flattering leg-lengthening look. The bad news? They also have to pay for it: the shoes cost a whopping $595. 

Longer legs? Yes, please! Shop nudes in our bio. ? @sofiaandmauro

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