London’s supercar season is revving up

The streets of London are paved with gold. Gold supercars, that is.

This week’s arrival of a fleet of glitzy cars signals the start of the city’s supercar season — the time of year when London’s most upscale neighborhoods – think Knightsbridge, Hyde Park, Chelsea and Kensington — get flooded with luxury motors flown in from the Middle East. Much to the annoyance of local residents.

Six golden cars have been spotted around London so far, and they are all thought to belong to one owner who flew them over from Saudi Arabia.

The fleet, which includes a Bentley, a Mercedes, a Rolls Royce and and Lamborghini, is reportedly worth more than £1 million ($1.4 million).

Unsurprisingly, the parking tickets have already started to roll in, reports the BBC. Yesterday morning two were spotted on the Lamborghini, and one each on the Mercedes and Bentley. Somehow we doubt the £80 ($115) fine will be too much of a problem for the owner.