No tipping required: Drones will now deliver drinks to your golf clubhouse while you play

Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s a drone delivering martinis. Apparently the future is now (well at least in Tokyo).

As golfers get set to tee off at a golf course in Chiba Prefecture in southeast Tokyo this spring season, some may be disconcerted to find that instead of being delivered balls and libations by actual people, they will be served by a fleet of drones. Players will place their orders via smartphone, and a drone will deliver them to a station near the clubhouse.

Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten may roll out the concept to other golf clubs in the future and plans on expanding the drones’ capabilities to at-home delivery service. It’s quite possible your barbecue or pizza delivery may never be the same.

If this sounds scary to you, look at it this way: you will no longer need to make small talk with your server. And, as Inside Hook points out, no tipping is required!