Rich kids of Instagram are landing their parents in jail

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You don’t need to analyze the Panama Papers to find evidence of rich people hiding assets; in quite a few cases, Instagram provides all the proof Feds need.

That’s right, the portal for many of the world’s richest kids to show off exactly how rich they are can also be used by investigators to find proof that their parents are concealing assets, according to the Telegraph.

In a debt recovery case, for instance, when the man claimed to not own any items of significant value, the Feds found a photo his son had posted of their £12 million super-yacht that was parked in the Bahamas. Another firm seized a “newly acquired private jet” from a fraudster when his son posted a photo of both of them standing in front of the plane.

Not only can detectives use the photographs as evidence, they can also use the metadata stored in Instagram images to figure out where these rich people live (and what foreign properties they own). One man in a divorce case claimed to be completely broke, but when investigators reviewed all the places where his children had geo-tagged and cross-referenced it with property holdings, they were able to piece together his entire real estate portfolio — which came in somewhere around $60 million.

So yes, rich kids of Instagram, we all know you’re rich. But if you keep posting these pictures, you may not be for much longer.

  • RudyTwoShoes

    Excellent! “Go for the gold” feds! (Never thought I’d say that!)

  • Bleed Peroxide

    [Nelson laugh]

  • Smegma Santorum


  • Please throw capitalism into the dustbin of history where it belongs.

    • Werds

      Yea all the money should be in the hands of the politicians cause we can trust them

      • Nitrosoamide

        C’mon, it’s like you haven’t even heard of anarchy.

        • Amur El Bey

          So basically money inevitably goes to whoever is the biggest and strongest to take it from others? Not much better.

          • Mike K

            Being strong is fine but it’s more powerful to have lots of friends on your side.

          • Nitrosoamide

            Money doesn’t belong in anarchy.

        • Nathan Merrill

          It is called Syria.

        • Werds

          I’m a libertarian so were closer than you think

      • Nemo

        Capitalism is an aspect of governance. Some cultures dopt it better than others. It isn’t a political imperative in the same way Communism or Fascism is. It can be meritocratic, and in that e ethical or rather more ethical, fairer than other systems of ownership and exchange. Greed, venality and deceit are all aspects of the human condition and will not disappear with the end of wider free trade.

      • Ryan

        No! From the gov’t straight to the people. Then we can get back to doing that thing that capitalism purports to do: let firms compete to deliver services to customers with cash in hand.

    • Drowbert101

      Along with all our wealth and most of our knowledge.

    • Xcom78

      Gotta love those middle class white kids who complain about capitalism while using some its best examples of a diverse globalized economy. The cell phone, computer and internet are prime examples of the success of capitalism and the failure of socialism. Built from raw materials, components, software and made possible by investors all around the world. Some of those investors being institutions like Union retirement funds that have been the prime target of socialists to try and attempt to influence for decades.

      • Ben

        The Internet was developed by the US military. The World Wide Web was developed by CERN. The first electronic computers were developed during world war 2 by the US and UK military. None of these were privately funded. You may be right about the cell phone.

        • FreedomMan

          what funds all those things you speak of?


          • electric

            Uhh, no. The military is funded by taxes and CERN is funded by its member states, whose revenues are gained by taxes. So socialism funded those things he spoke of.

          • Ryan Ho

            The government’s revenue is generated by tax, which is money taken off the income of the citizens of that country, income which is generated by capitalism. The money the government uses to invest into the military and CERN comes from taxation of the wealth that capitalism is able to generate.

          • electric

            So can we agree that a balance between the two systems is superior to either one individually?

          • sfhldl

            No! We cannot! We must endlessly debate which pure form of either is better!

          • Richard Werkhoven

            And then apply by socialism.

            Capitalism doesn’t generate money. Money is generated by printing it.

            Socialism doesn’t generate money either.

            In reality none of these system generate wealth. What they do is control the allocation of promissary notes to people, and the method of redistribution of said promissary notes.

            This whole nonsense about capitalism as a religion that makes stuff is hilarious.

            That’s not to say that communism would be better, clearly it wouldn’t.

            Some mix of capitalism & communism is so far the only viable and survivable method. That’s what most countries have that are still financially viable.

            The mix is probably wrong though and capitalism will likely fail as the distribution of wealth becomes unworkable as trade cannot viably occur if there is not enough capital in the hands of the consumers.

          • Richard Werkhoven

            Taxation exists for what many people point out is a limited form of socialism.

            Just goes to show that Socialism is good.

          • FreedomMan

            yea, that Cuber and North Koeraer are doing very well

          • FreedomMan

            of what country do you speak of?

          • FreedomMan

            and look where Europe is right now, getting taken over my muslims and 30% unemployment. But yea Bernie, socialism is great!

          • M0z

            Capitalism is just a framework people work in achieve their interests. Saying x technology is a result of capitalism is only a half-truth; what drives innovation and progress are people driven by purpose. And what actually funded the most important technologies in human history were states. Can you imagine how slow and inefficient it would have been if you let markets create a technologies like space rockets or nuclear energy? What good comes from separating great minds from collaborating for the sake of competition?

          • FreedomMan

            Yea trust me, North Koreans have a lot of motivation (dont wanna die) but due to lack of funds to probably put a decent computer in front of them it doesn’t work. If capitalism is so bad why don’t you try a socialist State?

          • M0z

            North Korea isn’t socialist by any stretch of the imagination. Why don’t you move to a capitalist state like China, put on your bootstraps, and join the sweatshop workforce that make your first world possible?

            Nice fallacy though, you tried.

          • Roabe

            Imagine if the private sector had complete control over the atomic bomb.

            GE exec in 1940: “Nuclear weapons? No way are they going to be profitable. Shelve it.”


          • John Mikla


          • FreedomMan

            (in 2nd grade teacher voice) “Now John, where do taxes come from?”

        • Flash Cloud

          Nah the cellphone was developed with tax money too.

      • M0z

        Feudal lord: Don’t overthrow my economic system with my pitchforks

      • Richard Werkhoven


        The binary thinking.

        Socialism and capitalism are not opposites and not the only options.

        Socialism is not limited to communism as implemented in Russia, nor China.

        Oh and your phone is manufactured in a communist country.

        • Nathan Merrill

          China isn’t communist anymore. I mean, they claim to be, but they’re not.

          • Richard Werkhoven

            They are partly. And they were as Communist as it gets.

            They still are the ones making the devices.

            Pure Communsim has never really been done, it’s always been a corrupt process to give money and power to the few. A lot like most capitalist countries.

            Again my point is that pure Capitalism is a silly idea like all the other isms.

            We need a new way of thinking about this rather than playing stupid word games and being in the cult.

      • John H

        Here’s what I see you saying: “By living in a society with a capitalist economy, you lose all ability to criticize that economy.”

        I hope you understand how stupid that sounds.

    • Tyler Durden

      How about crawling back into your hole, you snot-nosed pussy?

    • chill

      Feel free to go live in Saudi Arabia or Russia if you think their systems are better. Even China realizes that communism didn’t work and is going to a capitalistic society (even if it’s not official).

      • Roabe

        Wow, you think Saudi Arabia is socialist? Saudi Arabia is an oligarchic society where wealth and power is owned and controlled by a few very wealthy men. Sounds pretty damn capitalist to me. And Russia hasn’t been socialist for about 25 years, bud.

    • Jim Bendtsen

      Like your comments.

  • Too bad the Feds only care about the theft of wealth because they hate competition. A thief and the government both having money – its basically the same thing.

    • htp24

      You pseudo conservatives want every single action taken by people that don’t think exactly like you to be punished by the government and then WHINE INCESSANTLY like mewling kittens that the government has gotten so ‘big’ and ‘steals’ so much money. The conservative movement conveniently forgot what ‘conserve’ means.

      • FreedomMan

        Even more funny is how the feds think everything that isn’t theirs is

  • Whaler31

    Retards. Now go wipe your daddy’s brass.

  • FreedomMan

    The feds are big brother.

    First they came for the rich, and I did not speak out—

    Because I was not a rich.

    Then they came for the Trump supporters, and I did not speak out—

    Because I was not a Trump supporter.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    • Amur El Bey

      Your comment is wrong on multiple levels.

    • Richard Werkhoven

      It’s such a great sarcasm piece.

      Yes so illustrates the opposite of reality.

      The poor are being punished.

      Trump is after so many groups, and in it for himself, and proposing tyranny and fascism.

      He has anyone who speaks up for anyone else assaulted and thrown out.

      I’m so glad you have spoken up to illustrate what will happen if Trump wins. They will come for you if he does.

  • The parents were smart, but too smart for their own good – they raised spoiled little brats, who are outing them.

  • Sins of the father reversed

  • StopBeingButtHurt

    Bahahahaha! Amazing.