Rich kids of Instagram are landing their parents in jail

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You don’t need to analyze the Panama Papers to find evidence of rich people hiding assets; in quite a few cases, Instagram provides all the proof Feds need.

That’s right, the portal for many of the world’s richest kids to show off exactly how rich they are can also be used by investigators to find proof that their parents are concealing assets, according to the Telegraph.

In a debt recovery case, for instance, when the man claimed to not own any items of significant value, the Feds found a photo his son had posted of their £12 million super-yacht that was parked in the Bahamas. Another firm seized a “newly acquired private jet” from a fraudster when his son posted a photo of both of them standing in front of the plane.

Not only can detectives use the photographs as evidence, they can also use the metadata stored in Instagram images to figure out where these rich people live (and what foreign properties they own). One man in a divorce case claimed to be completely broke, but when investigators reviewed all the places where his children had geo-tagged and cross-referenced it with property holdings, they were able to piece together his entire real estate portfolio — which came in somewhere around $60 million.

So yes, rich kids of Instagram, we all know you’re rich. But if you keep posting these pictures, you may not be for much longer.