The Four Seasons Restaurant will re-open “five minutes’ walking distance” from its current location


When the Four Seasons Restaurant closes on July 16, no doubt many of the city’s most powerful people will be at a loss for where to go to chow down on $55 lunches.

Though rumors were swirling that the restaurant would move downtown, Bloomberg reports today that the Four Seasons will close for around a year, and then re-open “about five minutes’ walking distance” from its current location on 99 E. 52nd St., according to the restaurant’s co-owner Alex von Bidder.

In other exciting news, von Bidder says that the restaurant will be auctioning off its furniture and “service-items” like coffee pots and Dover sole pans (some of which were designed by the late New York Times architecture critic, Ada Louise Huxtable).

While the owners refused to give an exact address for the new location, Bloomberg reports that a year ago, the partners were in talks to move to 280 Park Avenue, which is between 48th and 49th Street (and therefore, about five minutes away).

But there’s another possibility that’s even more enticing: in 2014, von Bidder and his co-owner Julian Niccolini were spotted touring the restaurant space at 432 Park — which is also only a five minute walk away. When Page Six confronted the owners about their tour, they gave this less-than-satisfying response: “Harry is a lifelong friend of the Four Seasons. When he offered us a tour, we jumped at the chance to take selfies for Facebook.”