Introducing luggage that has both brain and brawn


There are many pitfalls that can plague travelers when globetrotting. Lost luggage, surprise fees for overweight pieces and a dying cell battery with no outlets in sight are the biggies.

Raden luggage wants to change all that and offer travelers the ultimate best-case scenario. Its new line of luggage is the perfect combo of brain and brawn, style and substance. The sleek spinners come in two sizes: a 22-inch carry on (7.5 lbs) and a 28-inch (11.2 lbs) check in. Both boast some rather unique features including an app that turns its handle into a scale. That’s right; your bag can weigh itself so you can avoid any nasty weight-related charges. And speaking of charges, the baggage comes complete with a portable 7,800mAh battery and two USB ports. Never be without a phone or electronic device charge again.

raden-luggage-suitcase-2137.0The products come with an internal GPS tracker so you can stalk your belongings, and never have to worry about them falling into the wrong hands.

If that isn’t enough to make you shed your flying phobias and figurative baggage, Glamour reports the set “goes into full (TSA-approved) lockdown mode using just the zippers and a built-in locking device. And the way the zippers are attached makes the whole thing waterproof.” No more soggy messes!

If looking good is as important as feeling good, Raden’s wares are also sleek looking, easy to roll and come in a rainbow of colors.

Nothing says #girlboss better than a pink suitcase that can keep a phone charged and monitor its weight!

The set runs $595, or can be purchased individually for $395 and $295 respectively.