Selena Gomez had a girly slumber party at this luxe Airbnb in Malibu

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From Gwyneth to Beyoncé, every celeb these days seems to be hitting up an Airbnb when they travel.

Selena Gomez joined the pack this week when she posted an obligatory Instagram pic of herself snuggling with some friends on an incredible beachside bed. No, sadly, T Swift wasn’t one of them (and neither was Justin Bieber — we know you were wondering).

The rental, which costs $3,483-per-night is, obviously, super nice. In fact, as the listing puts it, this is “not your average rental.” For one thing, it has air conditioning, which is apparently rare in beach front homes in Malibu (probably because it’s not necessary with all those lovely beach breezes; even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s home in Malibu didn’t have it).

Also, the owner promises that “there is no junk in the drawers, no pictures of the grandkids out on the mantle. It was designed to be your happy place.” Because pictures of grandkids definitely destroys all our happiness! 

The home comes with a full staff, including a “Michelin star trained private chef” who will prepare you a meal on the deck, as well as some poor sap called a server/bartender who can keep “towels fluffy and craft cocktails or wine full.” 

The host is also “occasionally able to help secure bookings” at NOBU or Mastro’s Ocean Club. Somehow we don’t think Selena needed any help with that.