French antiquarian Jean-Paul Beaujard bids adieu to his UES salon

Jean-Paul Beaujard
Jean-Paul Beaujard

Noted French designer and antiquarian Jean-Paul Beaujard has sold his duplex apartment at 170 East 78th Street on the Upper East Side for $2.5 million, according to public records.

And considering that the beautifully decorated duplex – a combination of two apartments — has been featured in both Architectural Digest and The New York Times it seems like the buyer Susan Reynolds Lehman just got a great deal. Lehman is the daughter of Orin Lehamn, a banking heir who was briefly married to Joan Rivers.

Beaujard outfitted the living room of the two-bedroom apartment, just off Lexington Avenue, with 19th-century antiques and colorful fabrics, according to the New York Times. The five-room apartment features walls of casement windows, two wood-burning fireplaces and 13-foot ceilings.

“The apartments were designed as pieds-à-terre for gentleman artists; Beaujard, who never cooks, left the first-floor bachelor’s kitchen as he found it, and he works in a minuscule office converted from a maid’s room,” Architectural Digest wrote. “His sleeping quarters upstairs are downright modest, recalling a garret from La Bohème. But each of the rooms on the lower floor—the salon, the dining room, and the guest room—has, like a Bonaparte sibling, been groomed for a throne.”

That original kitchen might have something to do with the surprisingly modest sale price. The listings notes that both the kitchen and baths need updating. Still, it is really  stunning.

Robert Browne, Chris Kann and Jennifer Ireland of Corcoran had the listing.