Here’s a taste of the 13 hardest restaurant reservations to get in the U.S.

Looking for a nice meal out? Unless you’re a Kennedy or a movie star, you’ll need to make a reservation way, way, way, way in advance to dine in one of these places, which Mitchell Davis, the Executive Director of the James Beard Foundation told Vogue were the hardest reservations in America to get. Thankfully, the wonders of Instagram brings us up close and personal to these places. Savoring the pictures is (almost) as good as the food.

A very unique dining experience with 40 strangers @ ?

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Lazy Bear in San Francisco only offers 40 seats, which makes it famously difficult to secure a table. Reservations are made through an online ticketing system.

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There is literally one table at Talula’s Table in Pennsylvania, and reservations for it must be made one year in advance. So clear your calendar!

It’s so hard to get a table at Rao’s, even the owner of the building couldn’t eat there.

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Diners have to line up for hours to get a time for a table at Rose’s Luxury in Washington D.C., prompting one jokester to do this:

People are dying to eat at @rosesluxury tonight #foodie #districteats #eaterdc #rosesluxury

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Is there anything more hipster than a 27-course meal behind Roberta’s in Bushwick? Welcome to Blanca.

nyc, @ko_ep is back open for dinner tomorrow night. join us at the counter:

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It’s so hard to get a seat at Momofuku Ko in the East Village that even Frank Bruni had a hard time reviewing it for The New York Times.

15 course tasting menu. Let the odds be ever in our favor. #brooklynfare #threemichelinstars

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Only 18 people can squeeze into Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (which will probably have to change its name when it moves to Manhattan).

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Sitting on tables may be your only option at The Catbird Seat in Nashville, which only has 22 seats.

Exploring New York ✨?

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Dark, brooding and clubby: That’s the Polo Bar in midtown all right.

Next in Chicago makes you pay for your dinner upfront — which ensures that you show up for it (and therefore making last-minute tables absolutely impossible).

9 courses of delicious ??

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The French Laundry in Napa, California is owned by Thomas Keller and is the west-coast version of Per Se (the two kitchens are connected by a real-time video feed).

A Beautiful Night With A Beautiful Family #LeBernadin Thank You Chef Ripert

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No surprise, everyone wants a bite of Le Bernardin, which has had three Michelin stars since opening.

Eleven Madison Park .. because of course