Tom Cruise is moving into Scientology’s Downton Abbey

Left: Saint Hill Manor | Right: The ‘Castle’

Tom Cruise has a new landlord: the Church of Scientology.

Cruise is reportedly moving into Saint Hill Manor, the former home of L. Ron Hubbard and right next door to the Church of Scientology’s UK headquarters, dubbed the Castle.

Both building’s are set within a gargantuan 100-acre compound in East Grinstead, Sussex.

The mock-Norman castle was built behind the main manor house in 1968 to provide a purpose-built training facility for Scientology students.

The Original 50 shades of grey

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According to the Daily Mail, the actor wants to make the religion’s headquarters a major landmark, and is spearheading a massive overhaul at the fortress-like building.

The building currently houses dining areas, executive offices, auditing rooms, course rooms, a chapel and a guidance room.

Planning application documents seen by the Daily Mail reveal the extension will include a spa, gym and a high-end restaurant.

Sources told the Mail that the actor put his own East Grinstead mansion on the market after the Church’s leader, David Miscavige, granted him unlimited access to Hubbard’s former living space.

  • Sreilman

    O M G…Is ANYone ANYwhere in our Galaxy surprised at ALL when this whacko does ANYthing out of the normal ‘curve’of ordinary humankind??? So he’s moving into some pseudo-science-‘religious’ monstrosity representative of over-indulgence to say the least..?? Gonna be realll entertaining one day when this psycho AND his ‘religion’actually completely BLOW UP from all their self-induced delusions of grandeur BULLSHEEET and his cranium of dubious intelligence explodes like an overripe melon!