Forget Coachella: This music festival in Iceland is selling $1M tickets to party in a volcano

Celebrities and models may be stocking up on crop tops and bandanas to attend Coachella next week, but for true festival devotees — who happen to have a lot of spare income — the real festival to get excited about is the Secret Solstice party in Reykjavík, Iceland. In addition to offering 24-hour sunlight (courtesy of the Earth) and concerts from Radiohead and Of Monsters and Men, the festival just announced it is selling six $1 million tickets to anyone trying to waste away their trust funds.

Unsurprisingly, this is the most expensive festival ticket ever. Last year, the festival had a selection of $200,000 tickets, and yet apparently that ” wasn’t enough, so we’re proud to say that in 2016, we’ve come up with something even more spectacular.” Such noble work.

According to the festival, some highlights offered to the ticket-holders include a business jet round-trip flight to the concert (not first class?); two private concerts “by prominent Icelandic act,” which absolutely better be Björk; 24/7 personal assistants; and “personal engraved and framed memorial ticket for each guest, made from Icelandic lava rock.”

Buyers can also attend the Inside The Volcano and Inside The Glacier events, which are exactly what they sound like: concerts in a volcano and in a glacier. On their own, these events cost $1,970 and $4,000 to attend respectively and sold out immediately online. What this means, though, is that whoever gets this $1 million ticket option is spending more than 160 times what those around them spent for the same experience. Who says rich people don’t pay taxes?