This (relatively) simple new watch from Patek Philippe costs $2M

How to define your relationship status with Patek Philippe’s new $2.3 million timepiece? “It’s complicated.”

The Grandmaster Chime ref. 6300, a novelty watch with a not-so-novel price tag, is an update to the firm’s 175th anniversary watch, “Grandmaster Chime ref. 5175” created in 2014. Adorned with an enormous amount of flair, that 18k rose gold timepiece featured mad bling and 20 complications, according to Bloomberg. Only six were made and each sold for a whopping $2.6 million!

This year’s version is a lot less flashy, but still as big, pricey and complex. Featuring two faces – one in ebony opaline and the other in white – which can swivel depending on which you’d like to use, it also comes complete with “a 72-hour power reserve on the manual movement, three gongs, five different time strikes, and 108 jewels.” This more “chill” and subtler version does not have a limited edition like its predecessor, although the Grandmaster Chime will certainly not be produced in mass quantity.

So if complications are your thing, it makes sense to procure one today before you run out of time.

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