Holographic butlers in your Bentley are the future (apparently)

Downton Abbey had John Bates. Bertie Wooster had Jeeves. And your Bentley has a hologram — or it will someday.

Bentley just unveiled their vision of the future of automotive luxury and its Star Wars meets Gosford Park. An official image released by Bentley show a hologram of a butler projecting from a small table in the backseat. And apparently, this brave new world of laser butlers is only 20 years away, according to Autoblog.com.

The “Future of Luxury” concept image was crafted by Bentley’s design team, headed by German Stefan Sielaff, and the hologram is not the only interesting aspect of the photo.

Despite living in a future where holographic butlers answer our every demand, it seems we will still write letters longhand and listen to Beck’s 2005 album Guero (the album can be seen on a touchscreen music interface).

Nice try Bentley, but we are sure we buy it.