Soon you’ll be able to sail an Aston Martin

Luxury English carmaker Aston Martin, has paired up with Quintessence Yachts to deliver the AM37, also known as an Aston Martin-designed yacht – or, more informally — the kind of thing that James Bond’s dreams are made of.

The 37 foot long powerboat will be available in two versions, the AM37 and the AM37S, which Quintessence describes as, “the ultimate sports driving experience on the water.”

The standard AM37 comes with a either two 430 horsepower Mercury petrol or two 370 horsepower Mercury diesel engines and will reach around 44 knots (50 mph.) While the AM37S is fitted with two 520 horsepower Mercury petrol engines and will hit a maximum speed of 52 knots (60 mph.)

While speed is to be expected from a boat designed by Aston Martin, the yacht also comes jam-packed with tech, including integrated, voice-controlled, navigation, control and entertainment systems, a remote operated sliding deck and a remote operated air conditioning system, fridge and coffee machine – presumably so you can get your coffee brewing while you’re still en route to the marina.

Quintessence is currently presenting the AM37 at Milan Design Week.