Pickled to the gills? In the Hamptons, there’s an app for that

You can now get tight as a drum anywhere on the East End without a worry: the “DriverOnTap” will fetch the car.

In the Hamptons, going out for a night of revelry can be problematic. You need to get home without leaving your car looking like Jordon Belfort’s Lamborghini. So you take a cab home and bike back for the your car the next day – hangover be damned.

No longer! Launching this May, DriverOnTap, will send a sober driver to your location to drive you, and your car, home. The app is the brainchild of Michigan State students Alex Riguardi, Jose Ramirez and Hyuk Joo Kwon, according to the New York Post.

“We’re working with event planners right now,” Riguardi said. “And they love the idea once they realize we’re not bringing a separate car and two drivers for every client.”

We suspect this will be a fairly popular service in the East End this season. Afterall, who wants to return to your host’s estate the next morning to retrieve your car. Friends this does not make.

Much better to hire an insured and substance-abuse checked driver, and avoid tomorrow’s drive of shame.