Montblanc issues a one-of-a-kind commemorative pen worth more than your house

While cursive may seem passé and pens are virtually obsolete, the rich still need something to use to sign large checks. Enter Montblanc, a fine luxury goods company best known for its slick writing instruments and quality timepieces.

Originally known as the Simplo Filler pen company, it is now paying homage to its roots and celebrating its 110-year anniversary by issuing a one-of-a-kind commemorative pen set inspired by its original Rouge et Noir instrument.

While the original “Red and Black” product was crafted in black ebonite and had a red-crowned cap in 1909, it didn’t appeal to the monied Europeans the way the company had hoped. But after the company added its now iconic Mont Blanc snow-capped mountain insignia and introduced another writing implement, the Montblanc Meisterstuck, the brand became a luxury retailer powerhouse.

As part of its Heritage collection, the “snakes on a pen” or Serpent versions of the Rouge & Noir is a tribute to the original serpent-clip pen designs of the ’20s. While the set is comprised of only three pieces, the real standout is the unique Ultimate Serpent Limited Edition 1, which uses the highest amount of gold ever used in creating Mont Blanc writing implement, complete with 99 grams of rose gold. Forbes explains this blinged out version features a heavily-jeweled cap and barrel with “15.34 carats of dark blue sapphires forming the backdrop for the coiling hand-engraved serpent, which sparkles with 153 individually cut diamonds. When the cap is removed, a second serpent is visible on the rose gold nib, with two rubies set as eyes. The cap crown glows with a 6.15-carat Montblanc Diamond, a proprietary design.” Even more stunning? The price — a cool $1.36 million!

And if that isn’t enough sparkle for you, why not get a pair? The Rouge & Noir Serpent Limited Edition 3 makes the perfect accompaniment and is clearly fit for a celeb. With 55 individually cut diamonds and 106 sapphires, it features a white gold snake design perfect for signing autographs.