David Koch is living in a hotel after fire sweeps 740 Park

The blaze that swept through 740 Park Avenue two weeks ago has left one of its billionaire residents, David Koch, temporarily without a home base (although we assume that Koch has second, third and fourth homes).

The controversial conservative is said to be living in a hotel while repairs are done to his apartment, according to the New York Post.

The fire started in Bernie Madoff associate Ezra Merkin’s apartment on the sixth floor. Merkin’s apartment is apparently severely damaged.

Also affected was hedge funder David Ganek’s duplex apartment 6/7A, which is currently listed for $32.5 million and has been on the market since July 2014 (when it was listed for $44 million). According to city records, Ganek bought the apartment in 2005 for $19.1 million.

“The water from the Fire Department hoses came down through their ceilings,” one local told the Post of Koch’s apartment. Due to summer renovation rules at the building, repairs could take some time to complete.

“Although the apartment suffered severe water damage, the Kochs are tremendously thankful that everyone in the building escaped without injury, due to the heroic efforts of the FDNY and building personnel,” a spokesperson for the family said.