Kids can now eat sans parents at Michelin-star restaurants

A screen shot of kids eating at Daniel from the NYT's video
A screen shot of kids eating at Daniel from the NYT’s video

Move aside, kid-friendly mainstays like chicken nuggets, tater tots and microwave mac n’cheese. Fat, processed sugar, salt and fat are so not kewl.

Continuing the trend of trying to make kids’ palettes more sophisticated by introducing them to Michelin-starred eateries, Danish culinary star and co-founder of Noma, Claus Meyer, wants to help kids live their best culinary lives and up their food game via his new New York project, Kid’s Table.

His goal is simple: expose youngsters ages 7-14 to some of the best eatin’ to be had, offered at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Per Se, Del Posto, Franny’s, Vaucluse and Blue Hill. For just $30, children can dine sans parents on a three-course meal incorporated with rhubarb, lamb, and turnip that tastes good as well as being good for them.

“It’s a matter of fundamentally expanding the culinary minds of kids,” Meyer says. Sophisticated palettes for the win!

Eater reports, the New York launch will take place on April 26th and feature ten eateries so far.

Part of the event proceeds go toward Meyer’s Brownsville culinary school project,  and the remainder goes toward a nonprofit of each individual restaurant’s choice.

Meyer has been hosting this wildly popular event in Denmark since 2011 as part of his non-profit Melting Pot Foundation initiative. While the 4,000 tickets sold to the event there usually sell out within hours, tickets are still available for the New York City event and may be purchased here.

For those worried the Kid’s Table event may result in the ultimate food fight, rest easy. Meyer explains, “They are treated like adults. Kids are much more courageous and attentive than at a normal family meal.”

Check out this video of kids eating at Daniel below: