Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday the right way– with a $90k dessert


It’s Queen Elizabeth’s birthday! And for the very wealthy (and very obsessed), there’s only one way to properly celebrate the momentous occasion: A $90,000 dessert.

Starting today, the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans is offering such a thing for those who refuse to eat anything not covered in gold. According to Forbes, the dessert takes the form of a dark chocolate cake and is covered in 24k gold, a Cristal champagne fruit sauce, gold chocolate, gold strawberries and gold chocolate crunch. Yum.

If you’re good at math, you’ll probably realize that none of those ingredients add up to $90,000. The real value of the dessert comes from the 3.95-carat oval ruby and diamond ring that sits on top of it from the antique dealer M.S Rau Antiques.

This dessert will be served as part of the hotel’s “Royal Birthday Package,” which includes three nights in Presidential Suite, afternoon royal tea for four, a tasting dinner with wine pairings, daily breakfast in bed, a spa day and a tour of the Windsor Court Art Collection.

Sound good? The promotion runs through July; contact the hotel for more details.