Trump’s jet grounded by the F.A.A., but not his ego


Donald Trump loves to tout his private jets, but it looks like he won’t be flying his beloved Cessna Citation X anytime soon. The plane has just been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Trump failed to renew the registration on his jet, which expired on January 31, according to Town and Country.

Of course, Trump isn’t known for playing by the rules, and a trivial issue like an expired registration hasn’t kept the Republican presidential frontrunner from using his jet to fly to dozens of campaign events.

But on Wednesday, the F.A.A. cracked its whip, and told Trump’s chief pilot that the aircraft can’t fly until it’s reregistered.


Trump owns four other registered aircrafts, which include a Boeing 757 – emblazoned with the word TRUMP — and three Sikorsky helicopters.

Still the grounding could pose a problem for Trump, as the 757 is too heavy to land at most airports, according to Town and Country.

Flying without a registration is punishable by up to three years in prison, a criminal fine of up to $250,000, and a civil penalty of up to $27,500.

Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Trump, told the New York Times today that “the standard renewal process is just about complete.”

  • Parrot Sarnoso

    Trump is a white collar criminal, just like Madoff !!!

    • Philip Roza

      Christopher Cameron is either ignorant or is intentionally trying to confuse the reader. Having an expired airworthy certificate is a fix-it issue, similar to when your car’s tag expires. Operating an unregistered aircraft is comparable to driving a car that has never been issued a license plate or pink slip.

      • Parrot Sarnoso

        Well, under the FAA regulations, operating an aircraft without Airworthiness Certificate, is a violation of the Federal Law. So Phillip Roza, this is not a car without tag, this is an aircraft without Airworthiness Certificate which is a federal crime.

        • Philip Roza

          It is not operating an aircraft ‘without an airworthiness certificate’.

          Actually, the only thing is the registration was expired. It is not a criminal matter, but a regulatory one.

          • rs1123

            How dare you knock down his straw man argument!

        • William Gordon

          But according to what I hear he is not flying that aircraft right now–The renew the aircraft license fromwhat I understand is just pay for the license.and ainspection.

    • mooreworld

      you mean like any of the clintons?

    • rs1123

      Don’t quit your day job (posting online) to become a clueless detective.

  • JON999

    Just to get the facts straight ……Trump was not using the Ceesna Citation so he had no need to register it if it stayed parked….The law does not state that you have to register an aircraft that is parked and not being used….Once again the SCUMBAG MEDIA only posted part of a story that they made up to make Trump look bad……CHECK THE FACTS before you listen to the SCUMBAG MEDIA that has a POLITICAL ADGENDA

    • spiro1976

      The article is a bit light, but no one really cares. So he forgot to register it, I’m sure he will

      It’s a little disheartening to see how vigorously, and robustly you defended a Billionaire hate monger.

      Where are you when he attacked the poor, downtrodden, foreigners, undocumented.????

      That one is between you and your maker

      • Bill Smith

        You sound pretty hateful there spiro1976. Are you a hate-monger?

      • Philip Roza

        As is the typical fashion, the media can’t figure out the difference between an expired airworthy certificate and an unregistered aircraft, just as they can’t understand the difference between a permanent resident with an expired I-551 and an illegal alien.

      • mooreworld

        undocumented? another word for criminal…..

        • Thejerk

          And all along I’ve been calling them illegals, just because it sounded nicer than criminal aliens.

      • Thejerk

        And it’s amazing just how you think the rest of us should hate him because he’s rich. Do you hate all billionaires or just Trump?

        • 30309guy

          No one said that. He’s a piece of shit because he thinks he can lie and cheat the system because he is wealthy.

          • rs1123

            Ow, ow, ow, and you somehow thing Hillary is not 1000 times worse than that?

          • Mark Syman

            And will you vote for Hillary who thinks she can lie and cheat the system because she is wealthy and well-connected ?

    • 30309guy

      Wow, you must be on the same lying track as Mr. Trump that you would prostitute yourself so hard to lie for him. Fact: The plane has flown over 80 legs since January 31st. Fact: On April 21 a Trump spokesperson states that they were “almost finished registering it”. Fact: 7/20/2016 the FAA grounded the plane. Lies are “trumped” by facts. Delete yourself.

      • rs1123

        Hillary deleted the registration from her email server.

  • himself

    If we’ve learned anything throughout this Trump circus, it’s that what we’ve suspected about Trump’s Alt-Right base is actually true. They are a bigoted, racist, xenophobic core of ignorant, science denying malcontents.

    As much as the Donald has denied this for years, everybody with a brain knew it was true. Now that they believe he is the best of their best, we have incontrovertible evidence.

    Vote ANYBODY but UNFIT & UNQUALIFIED Trump 2016 – Make America SANE Again!

  • brazen_infidel

    You couldn’t find a photo of Trump’s 757? Along with the other sloppy and dubious aspects of this article, the plane in the photo is obviously a 727, not a 757 — obviously a long-gone predecessor to today’s Trump Force One. Whoever picked the photo must be very ignorant.

  • Sabage2016

    Fact…Trump built an legal, honest organization that generates $500 million annually after expenses. He did this without selling his soul on Wall Street like our other billionaires, like Mark Cuban, Gates, and others. He’s hired and fired thousands. He’s a workaholic. Just what our country needs. God bless Donald Trump. Can’t even compare the character of this guy with that of the most corrupt politicians of our lifetime, the Clinton crime family. PS. No need for your sicko replies.

  • Louie Espiritu Kalman

    Libtards are crying, so just keep on crying!