You can now buy the Tuscan villa where the Mona Lisa was painted for $23M

Though The Maestro on “Seinfeld” once claimed it is impossible to find anything to rent in Tuscany. But those serious about snagging their own Italian villa have a new premium option. You can now own a 16th-century, sprawling estate located in the peaceful Tuscan countryside only three miles from Florence. Last on the market in 1960, when it was sold by a famous Italian wine-making family, the Antinoris, the gorgeous Villa Antinori is up for sale for $23 million.

But that’s not all. Not only is the three-story mansion set on 66-acres pretty as a picture, it is also said to be the spot where a very famous (if not the most famous) painting was created. The Mona Lisa herself is rumored to have been painted at the estate between 1503 and 1506. Forbes reports that silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo owned the villa from 1498 to 1517, during which time he commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to paint a portrait of his beautiful wife Lisa.

“There are no documents to prove that [Lisa] lived in the villa, but there is no doubt that it was owned by her husband’s family at the time that the Mona Lisa was painted,” Ambra Nepi, an agent from Lionard Luxury Real Estate in Florence, told The Telegraph.

Set on 39,000 square feet of land that is peppered with lemon and olive groves, cypress trees and a floral garden, the eight-bedroom mansion features two kitchens, 11 bathrooms, a library and fitness room. The estate also features a 750-square-foot pool, an 18th-century chapel and a custodian’s house.

After laying eyes on this stunning property, we’re pretty sure we know what da Vinci’s famous muse was smiling about.