Rich Coachella-goers spent $10k each on massages, AC and other luxuries

Music festivals used to be a place for hippies to go sway to their favorite bands and sleep in the dirt. That is no longer the case — particularly for Coachella, where festival-goers bask in incredible luxury while posting thousands upon thousands of photos on Instagram.

As one Coachella-goer, who told Vogue she spent $10,000 in total visiting the festival, put it, “Coachella definitely gears to the spoiled customer and the spoiled festival lover.”

Among her expenses were a Rancho Mirage mansion; a driver to chauffeur her and her firends in a Mercedes van; a chef; an air-conditioned safari tent ($7,000 for two); and VIP wristbands ($899) that allowed her to use the porta potties without waiting on line.

And that’s not all: many people rented a Blade to chopper them back-and-forth between the festival and Los Angeles ($695); a luxury spa offered massages to guests when they were feeling tired; Amazon set up an area for guests to listen to “augmented audio reality” earbuds; and the special dining service Outstanding in the Field set up a $225 four-course sit-down meal, complete with silverware and cloth napkins.

As excessive as all of this may seem, none of it compares to the Secret Solstice festival in Iceland, which this year is offering a $1 million concert ticket to six lucky souls. For that price, you get to party in a volcano and a glacier and presumably Björk will be there too. Oh the world we live in.