Dyson has invented the most expensive hair dryer in the world

Dyson, the company that wants to suction the world with its mega powerful vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, has now turned its attention to the beauty space. Today, the company unveiled its newest invention, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, which may or may not be the best hair dryer on the market, but at $399, will certainly be the most expensive one.

Though it looks like rocker Barbie’s microphone, Dyson claims the oddly designed dryer is actually very user friendly. Instead of having the motor in the dryer’s barrel, as most hair dryers do, this one has a very long handle and an itty-bitty barrel, making it lighter and easier to handle. The heat never gets too hot so you’re hair won’t get as damaged as it would with a regular dryer, though somehow it is still able to dry your hair super quickly. It also comes with magnetic attachments that are easy to switch in and out.

So is this the perfect marriage of beauty and brains? That has yet to be seen, but for any hair enthusiasts/tech geeks out there who can’t wait to try it, the dryer will hit the market in September this year.