Rolls Royce has created a $45K luggage set (with a little help from butlers)

That dog better not go on the luggage!

Not just anyone can ride around in a Rolls Royce, and not just any type of luggage should either. For the truly discerning rider, only one type of suitcase is appropriate: a piece of the luxury car company’s new luggage collection called Wraith. Like the cars, it is powerful, sleek and unbelievably expensive: A six-piece set costs $45,000.


Rolls Royce says it consulted the ultimate luggage experts when designing the bags — the butlers who have to schlep them around. All of the bags were expertly crafted by leatherworkers wearing white gloves so they will come to you in pristine condition, and they can be coordinated to perfectly match the colors and interiors of your Rolls Royce.


$45,000 is the price for the full set, which is composed of two valises, three weekender bags and one garment bag. The other (unmentioned) expense is, of course, a private jet. Because somehow we don’t picture any of these pieces ever coming out of baggage claim.