Talk-show icon Larry King launches the home goods line you never knew you wanted

Move over Martha Stewart, Emmy Award-winning talk show host Larry King is getting into the home goods market.

Although it might seem counterintuitive — because the last thing most want to think about is King in bed — Larry along with his wife, Shawn, just launched a cheekily named home goods collection to be sold exclusively online.

“Sleep Like a King” features a total of 17 products. These relatively affordable treasures — designed jointly by the couple — feature a bar of soap with a crown logo for $9.99 and a king-sized sheet set for $89.99. An array of scented candles — each named after the duo’s favorite destinations, from Soho to Saint-Tropez — are sure to make each day at home feel like a vacation. Also included in the collection are hotel-quality robes, towels, alpaca throws and diffusers.

King’s partner of 19 years eagerly explains their passion … for starting the line. “Ambience in the bedroom is a big deal,” Shawn says. “It’s the most important room in the house.”

While King is more known for being a talking head on various news programs than hawking scented candles, he appears to be a natural. “I’m not an expert on two-ply or three-ply, but I know what feels good,” he tells the New York Post.

Shawn, however, takes a different tack, apparently immersing herself in learning about everything home goods-related. “I’m such a freak about sheets,” she explains. She eagerly obsesses over thread counts and touts her alpaca shearing-technique-knowledge recently while showing off the line in New York City.

Ever the comedian, Larry offers one of his patented zings — about their own time spent in the bedroom: “She is either starting a fire, having a seance or wants another kid.” Although he does admit having one’s bedroom decor on point certainly can’t hurt.