Jean-Georges can’t stop opening restaurants! The restauranteur will open yet another spot on Fire Island


On the heels of taking over the kitchen at Tom Collicchio’s former Bridgehampton restaurant, Topping Rose House, Jean-Georges Vongerichten has announced that he will also be starting a new restaurant of his own in Fair Harbor on Fire Island.

“It’s on the way to the Hamptons,” Vongerichten joked to Eater. The restaurant, called Le Dock, will have 65 seats inside and out, and will serve seafood, “It’s nice because it’s right on the docks and we get fish fresh from the boats.” Josh Eden, a Jean-Georges alum who is currently the chef at August, will be joining the restaurant.

Phil Suarez, Vongerichten’s longtime partner, is also behind this endeavor.  According to Suarez, opening two restaurants so close to each on Long Island is actually a smart idea because “We can use the same farmers at both places.” Topping Rose has its own farm, which means that diners at Le Dock will also be able to enjoy locally-grown produce.

Indeed, in a recent interview with the Observer, Vongerichten noted that his preference for using local ingredients in all his restaurants is one of the (many, many) things that sets him apart.


    How can you write an article about a restaurant opening without mentioning where the restaurant is? Jeeeesh, there are over a dozen towns on the 32 mile island. Where is the restaurant going to be?

    • ragingagainst

      Thank you. I came here to say the same.

  • Reality Check

    Uh and when is it proposing to open??….
    this is what we get with the vanishing of print and traditional media …. Everyone has a damn blog or is an i-reporter, but no one has the common sense to ask the common sense questions