Domenico Vacca throws red carpet extravaganza for his new Midtown club: Photos

Eleonora Pieroni and designer Domenico Vacca (credit: Andrew Toth)

Not even a misty rain could not deter hip Italians and New Yorkers from heading to Domenico Vacca’s new Midtown store/club, which had its official opening last night.

Guests sipped cocktails from Disaronno and admired the Maseratis parked out front. Among the notable guests in attendence were the singer/songwriter Maxwell; actor Shaun Toub from “Homeland;” director Paul Haggis; publicist/Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban; NFL players Chris Houston, Steve Maneri and Dale Moss; Corcoran president and CEO Pamela Liebman; chef Todd English; Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim; and Vacca’s fiancée Eleonora Pieroni. Later in the evening, VIPs joined Domenico in the DV Club for dinner and live entertainment.

(credit: Andrew Toth)
Vacca and Maxwell (credit: Andrew Toth)
Vacca, Pieroni, Lorena Toub and Shaun Toub (credit: Andrew Toth)

As we previously reported, the store is not just a store and the club is not just a club. The entire building is devoted to the Domenico Vacca brand, including long-term residences above the store, which will rent for $12,000 a month, and the club, which will have a $20,000 a year membership fee.

“Luxury for me is to have higher standards in everything you do. You can have something that doesn’t cost that much as long as it’s done very, very well,” Vacca told LLNYC.

Vacca and a group of models (credit: Andrew Toth)
(credit: Andrew Toth)
Vacca with Jonathan Cheban; with Bianca Espada (photo on right credit: Andrew Toth)
(credit: Andrew Toth)
(credit: Andrew Toth)