Is this the most remote luxury hotel on Earth?

For those rich people looking to get away from the rest of us poor saps (which, let’s face it, is all rich people), might we suggest booking a stay at the Fogo Island Inn?

Located on top of a rock on an island in the middle of nowheresland Canada (also known as Newfoundland), the “inn” is really more like a resort for people who like to pretend to rough it — while being lavishly pampered in the process. And even better, you can feel good about the money you’ve spent: all proceeds from the hotel go toward benefiting residents of the island.

So what do you do at a hotel in this deserted spot? Well enjoy the views, for one, which are spectacular (see photos below); enjoy the inn’s sauna and hot tubs; eat in the beautiful dining room; and if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the number of icebergs in the area, which travel down to Fogo Island during April through June. Prices for a suite with full board start at $1,200/night.