Even the dressing rooms in “Hamilton” are awesome! Here’s the guy who designs them

When you dream of meeting Beyoncé and having her tell you you are the most fabulous being who has ever lived, you probably aren’t chatting with her in a dingy, windowless room in the back of a Broadway theater.

But that was exactly the problem that Leslie Odom Jr., aka the actor who plays Aaron Burr in “Hamilton,” faced. All the VIPs in the world wanted to congratulate him for his performance, but the only place he had to greet them was his ugly, sterile dressing room.

And so he hired designer Mike Harrison to transform the space. His instructions were as follows: “I just want to shut the door and feel like I’m in a really cool lounge and then when really fancy people come to the show, we can go back and have a drink. I want it to be cool.”

Apparently, this meant something to Harrison, who hunted down items at Housing Works, thrift shops, Target and a number of other budget-friendly stores to transform Odom’s dressing room into a lounge room that might, just might, be cool enough for Beyoncé.

According to Vanity Fair, after Harrison designed Odom’s dressing room, he started receiving calls from other big Broadway stars, including Cynthia Erivo, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jessie Mueller and –biggest of all –Lupita Nyong’o. She loved her room so much, she posted an Instagram picture of it, thanking Harrison for “making my theater space feel like a home.” 

Success!! This dressing room for Jesse Tyler Ferguson was an absolute joy to design. He showed me some pics of his house in LA and I knew that it would be a blast to create…. And since he is the only person occupying the Lyceum Theater I took a small dressing room next to the main space and made it into a “Camp Ferguson Sleeping Nook” to have a room for napping between shows and showcase his husband’s new bedding line Thread Experiment. Now I’m off to design the Ketel One/Tie The Knot sponsored waiting area for the show! Can’t wait to see the show next weekend! Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy! #mikeharrisonart #modernfamily #broadway #bts #dressingroom #designer #interiors #interiordesign #hgtv #makeover #playbill #threadexperiment

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